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3 Easy Ways To Get A Blurry Background in Your Photos

Blurry backgrounds in photos are not only insanely beautiful, but they also help bring all the attention to the subjects and it gives our photos that signature “watercolor” look and feel!

It’s kinda embarrassing, but when I first got into photography I thought that the blurry backgrounds happened either in post (in photoshop) or was done with a ultra-super-duper special lens or camera. 

Now, the lens does matter, but I’d argue that how you position yourself & the subject matters even more! 

Yep! You read that right!

There is NO editing necessary to achieve that beautiful blurry background we all know and love! 

Here’s the scoop on How to Get A Blurry Background in Your Photos (without ANY editing or even an iPhone!)

You can easily achieve that beautiful blurry background in your photos with my 3 simple tips!!


Set your camera lens to the lowest aperture it can go (commonly, f/1.2, f/1.4, f/2.8, f/4)

You DO NOT need an ultra-super-duper special lens to get a blurry background in your photos!

If you hear Caleb and Me saying things like, “I’m shooting wide open.” We are simply referring to our aperture being “wide open,” meaning we are shooting at the lowest aperture our lens can be.


The closer you are to your subject the blurrier the background will be. Therefore, the further back you move from your subject the more in focus everything in your photo will be.


Have your subject stand further away from the specific backdrop. As example, if you are photographing your subject in-front of a brick wall, you will want to instruct them to move several steps away from the brick wall in order to achieve a blurry background. 

Isn’t this brilliant? Just by adjusting your lens to the lowest aperture setting, standing closer to your subject, and/or by having your subject stand further from the backdrop you can achieve a blurry background in your photos.

I hope you have fun practicing this technique for taking photos with blurry backgrounds. 

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